Glass Doors for
Temperature and Energy Control

Distraction-free sight lines, clear displays, energy control and easy access.

Focus Doors stands for innovation and quality.

Our temperature-controlled Glass Refrigeration Doors, Automatic Sliding Doors, Stalwart Shelving and bespoke Glass Walls and Vision Panels are designed and manufactured in Australia.

From initial concept to completion, the Focus Doors team delivers a world-class experience including the latest designs in food and beverage displays, access doors as well as energy cost savings.

Every product is beautifully made and finished, ensuring your customers get the high-end experience they expect.

Modern, durable and fully customisable, our sensor operated Auto Slider doors come double or triple glazed for optimum thermal control.

Coolroom Glass Automatic Sliding Doors

An easy, contemporary update to your refrigeration displays without condensation with crisp lighting.

Alpha Glass Insert Doors

Get uniformity, uninterrupted sight lines and 25% more display area with frameless glass insert doors.

Vidro Frameless Glass Insert Doors

Mitigate temperature loss, minimise spoilage and improve hygiene by installing glass doors to your existing fridges.

Retrofit Glass for Existing Fridge Cabinets

Reliable and space saving, glide-away glass entry doors offer uninterrupted visibility, superior safety and save on energy costs.

Glide-Away Customer Entry Doors

A double-action, high-visibility, low-cost, durable swing door to improve visibility, traffic flow and safety.

Walk-Through Customer Entry Doors

Sleek with a minimalist aesthetic, our custom-made wine, cheese and deli displays ensure your collection gets the attention it deserves.

Glass Display Walls, Rooms & Windows

Showcase premium products and allow fast, easy access for staff with custom-designed glass display view panels.

Glass Display View Panels

Make restocking easy and safe with fully customisable shelving to suit any shop layout.

Stalwart Shelving

With patented push-pull functionality, Vidro Chest Freezer Retro Fit Doors can be retrofitted into any stand-alone island refrigerator.

Vidro Chest Freezer Retro Fit Doors


With 20% more visibility and a streamlined look, the MaxiVue Semi-Frameless Glass is the smart choice for product rich retail environments.

MaxiVue Semi-frameless Glass

Hermetically sealed sliding doors are the right choice when air pressure, temperature, hygiene and safety matter.

Hermetically Sealing Sliding Doors

Designed to provide a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics for every commercial kitchen or bar area

Alpha Under Bench Glass Doors


When it comes to cold storage solutions, efficiency, durability, and precise temperature control are non-negotiable.

Our 6000 Series Coolroom and Freezer Doors are redefining cold storage.

6000 Series Coolroom and Freezer Doors​

A groundbreaking solution designed to transform the way products are showcased and sold, our Anti-Reflective Glass Doors are crafted with technical precision.

Anti-Reflective Glass Doors

Open entryways allow temperature loss and access for insects, dust and odours. Focus Doors Air Curtains provide a powerful and economical solution

Commercial Air Curtains


Suitable for a variety of applications from entry door ways to refrigerated trucks, as well as special-purpose areas like welding bays or fume zones.

PVC Door Strip Curtains

Reduce Carbon Emissions

By design, our products make substantive reductions to the carbon emissions for our customers’ retail environments throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Temperature Control

Don’t risk the fluctuating temperatures of open fridge cabinets and coolroom entry doorways. Focus Doors keep temperatures stable, ensuring cold air stays in, and hot air stays out.

Hygiene Control

Flies, bugs and other contaminants can create unseen damage to food displays. Creating a glass door barrier will keep your stock safe and stable.

Traffic Control

Our clear glass traffic doors are designed to be beautiful, durable and easy to operate and maintain. Focus Doors will support the traffic demands of your business all day, every day.

Save Energy

Our contribution to energy saving doesn’t end with what we sell. At Focus Doors, sustainability is a way of life.

When we commit to helping customers reach net zero carbon emissions, you can be assured that every Focus Doors product is recyclable including our aluminium, glass and plastic.

Plus, every aspect of our supply chain and manufacturing process – from packing materials to on-road vehicles – has been evaluated and re-tooled to deliver maximum carbon reduction.

Proven Sustainability

Unobstructed Display

Australian Made & Owned

National Service Support

Latest Innovation

Get the right solution, from the start

At Focus Doors, we are continually improving the functionality, durability, and aesthetic of our products.

Our focus on innovation means you benefit from distraction-free sight lines and easy access to improve the customer experience, and energy efficiency to drive cost savings.

Across a range of retail settings, from supermarkets to food service, from restaurants to hotels, our team will develop a customised solution to suit your unique environment.

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You need confidence that your glass doors will stand the test of time and deliver outstanding value.

When temperature, aesthetics, traffic control and sustainability matter, Focus Doors is the right choice.

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When temperature, aesthetics, traffic control and sustainability matter, Focus Doors is the right choice.

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From supermarkets to gourmet food retailers to wine enthusiasts,
Focus Doors ensure a high-end user experience, reduced carbon emissions and uninterrupted visibility.

Glass Doors for Temperature and Energy Control


Coolroom Glass Automatic Sliding Doors


Vidro Frameless Glass Insert Doors


Walk-Through Customer Entry Doors


Alpha Glass Insert Doors


Glide-Away Customer Entry Doors


Retrofit Glass for existing Fridge Cabinets


Glass Display View Panels


Stalwart Shelving


Glass Display Walls, Rooms & Windows

When temperature, aesthetics and sustainability matter,
Focus Doors is the right choice.