Off-the-shelf & fully customised options
for retail environments. 

From supermarkets to gourmet food retailers to wine enthusiasts, Focus Doors ensure a high-end user experience, reduced carbon emissions and uninterrupted visibility.

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Canberra Hospital, ACT

Hermetic Sealing and Semi Hermetic Sealing Automatic Sliding Doors

Dan Murphy's Icon Room

Dan Murphy's Icon Room, Sydney, NSW

Glass island bench, entry doors and view panels

Vintage Cellars Wynyard, NSW

Glass Wine Room
Auto Slider Doors

Liquorland Narrabeen, NSW

Glass Insert Doors
Walk-Through Doors

Liquorland, Ballarat VIC

Vidro Frameless Glass Door
Walk-Through Door
Stalwart Shelving

Locali by Romeo’s Wynyard, NSW

Deli Walls
Vision Panels

IGA, Moss Vale, NSW

Retrofitted Glass Doors

Woolworths, Bondi Beach, NSW

Retrofitted Glass Doors

Aldi, Glenmore Park, NSW

Retrofitted Glass Doors

Dan Murphy's Essendon Fields, VIC

Glide-Away Doors

Liquorland, Rozelle, NSW

Vidro Frameless Insert Doors
Walk-Thru Doors

Ampol Pheasants Nest, NSW

Alpha Glass Insert Doors
Stalwart Shelving

Macquarie University, NSW

Hermetically Sealing Doors

Gum Tree Good Food, VIC

Transforming Refrigeration Efficiency with Vidro Retrofit Frameless Glass Doors

Foodland Henley Square, SA

Vidro Retrofit Frameless Install

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