Liquorland  Narrabeen, NSW

Restored after flooding

Liquorland Narrabeen recently underwent store renovations due to localised flooding and in the process updated the store’s fitout. This sleek black and white store layout included 17 additional glass insert fridge doors creating a product showcase with crisp lighting and anti-fog heating.

Cool room walk-through swing doors open in both directions, with full glass panels for visibility and safety and full width push handles that allow customers and staff to easily navigate even with a full trolley.

Project Specifications

Feature Products:


Fully customisable to your requirements.


All-in-one units designed to fit every refrigeration system.


Cost effectively load stock from the back with no double handling or cluttered aisles.


Rigorously tested for condensation free viewing.


Easy opening doors allow customers to access products.


Two-directional push to open swing doors improve customer flow and safety.

When unplanned events occur, you need high quality service and products to get you back on your feet. That’s where we come in, ensuring your repairs and refurbishments go smoothly from beginning to end.

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