Every Project Matters

With a strong focus on sustainability, our goal is to help you reduce the overall environmental impact of every project.

At Focus Doors, we take an holistic approach to sustainable business practices. This includes using locally made componentry, to energy efficient installation, to reduced transport emissions via our ‘factory-to-site’ delivery model. 

Sustainable Manufacturing

By reducing unnecessary emissions and waste at every step of the manufacturing process, we can deliver best-in-class glass doors with a lower environmental impact.

We’ve reduced the environmental impact of our own business so we can deliver even greater outsomes for our clients.

We’ve done this by using locally sourced compontents, by manufacturing in Australia, by managing the entire delivery and installation process, and by reducing our own packaging and recycling waste products. 

Making efficiences in theres areas means we save the time, money and energy associated with offshore manufacture, warehousing and shipping.

Plus, manufacturing locally and using Australian-made components where possible means we’re doing our part to keep Australians in jobs.

Why Choose Focus Doors

Get the Right Product

Our knowledgeable team help you select the right doors to retrofit to cabinets and displays, substantially reducing energy usage for the end user.

Fast Turn-Around Times

Our products are designed for fast installation. This reduces labour costs and in-store disruption for a better customer experience.

Minimal Packaging

We use minimal packaging and a sophisticated trolley system to quickly and safely deliver our products.

Our Own Delivery Trucks

We have our own fleet of delivery trucks with an emissions rating equivalent to Euro 6. Our trucks are designed to take a full store load in one trip.

Aussie Made

High percentage of Australian made components, meaning less international transport emissions and faster turn-around times.

Recycled Materials

Our products are made from infinitely recyclable components including glass and aluminium.

Greener Transport

Our sophisticated trolley system reduces the need for plastic wrapping and crating of frames to protect glass in transit. And, by using our own fleet of vehicles for transport, we can control and reduce emissions.

Our trucks have an emissions rating of Euro 6 equivalent, meaning their average CO2 emissions are below 130 grams CO2e/km.

Designed to take a full store load in one trip, the truck remains at the project until completion which further reduces unnecessary kilometres and emissions.

Designed for Efficient Installation

Smart design is at the heart of our products, and by designing an easy-to-install system, we have reduced the number of nights required for installation.

This not only reduces interruption to your store’s operations and the need for night supervision, but also reduces the amount of travelling required to and from the site.

Impact on your customers is kept to a minimum with no components or large deliveries made to the store prior to installation.

Our just-in-time delivery helps your project run smoothly, and the installation process is hassle-free: shelves don’t need to be cleared and stock is protected with our tarping system.

Want to know more? Download our Sustainabilty Statement here.

Your partner in delivering sustainable refrigeration projects.

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