Dan Murphy’s Icon Room

Premium end-to-end service for Dan Murphy’s Cellar.

Focus Doors was engaged by the Endeavour Group to design and create a bespoke wine room within a new Dan Murphy’s cellar retail outlet in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Named the Icon Room, the primary goal was to provide a premium customer experience for high-end boutique liquor connoisseurs. Focus Doors worked closely with various stakeholders including architects, refrigeration contractors, project managers, electrical and locking contractors, lighting designers, and the client, from the early concept stages to the final construction and installation.

Early Concept Stages and Collaboration

At the onset of the project, the team at the Endeavour Group consulted with Focus Doors to discuss and overcome the challenges faced with the original trial store.

Collaboration commenced with key parties, including the architects i2C, EDG representatives, Contract Refrigeration, Lighting Designers JHA Engineers, MPA Builders and Artro Management project managers, to ensure a comprehensive and robust design process. During the early design stages, CAD drawings, 3D printed mock-ups, and factory visits were used to visualize and refine the proposed concept.

Teamwork and Communication

To ensure a successful outcome, Focus Doors pulled together a high-performing, experienced team to tackle the multi-phase challenges presented by the project.

This included Project Direction, Customer Liaison, Design and Onsite Project Management and an Onsite Installation Team to ensure all team members were kept up-to-date with information in real-time, as change occurred.

Combining ‘The Focus Way’ optimisation process with the outstanding rapport the Focus Doors team built with the external project team, Focus Doors could manufacture the elements required for construction, deliver and install them at precisely the right time for the client regardless of the evolving construction timeframe.

Design and Features

Focus Doors successfully created a stunning and temperature-controlled space to display rare and highly sought-after premium wines and spirits. The Icon Room features include:

Double-Glazed Glass Island:

The room is enclosed with double-glazed glass, creating a visually striking island display within the Dan Murphy’s store.

State-of-the-Art Locking Technology

Cutting-edge locking technology was integrated into the wine room, allowing for secure access via a mobile app.

Customer Entry Doors

To ensure a seamless customer experience, Focus Doors designed elegant and inviting entry doors.

Bespoke Curved Dome

Above the display area, a bespoke curved dome adds a touch of sophistication and showcases the best of the heritage-listed building.

Historic Pillars Preservation

The size and shape of the Icon Room were thoughtfully determined to preserve the historic pillars within the store, paying homage to the building’s heritage.

Outstanding Results

Through close collaboration with various stakeholders and meticulous attention to detail, Focus Doors successfully delivered a premium customer experience for high-end boutique liquor connoisseurs with the creation of the Icon Room at Endeavour Group’s Dan Murphy’s cellar retail outlet.

The room’s innovative features, state-of-the-art locking technology, and seamless accommodation of bespoke heritage elements make it a truly unique and special addition to the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The successful completion of this project further solidifies Focus Doors reputation for delivering excellence in custom-designed spaces for premium retail environments.

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