Gum Tree Good Food, VIC

Transforming Refrigeration Efficiency with Vidro Retrofit Frameless Glass Doors

In the ever-changing world of refrigeration, businesses are always seeking ways to improve product performance and be more eco-friendly.

Partnering with Focus Doors, Gum Tree Good Food transformed their supermarket refrigeration efficiency and sustainability by retrofitting Vidro Retrofit Frameless Glass Doors, at four of their Victorian locations: Albert Park, Brighton, Middle Park and South Yarra. Partnering with Focus Doors, Gum Tree Good Food aimed to address key concerns of high electricity costs, food wastage, and shopper experience.

Like many supermarkets, Gum Tree Good Food was using open refrigeration units for cold storage. These open units posed several challenges, including temperature control issues, increased food wastage due to fluctuating temperatures, and a poor shopping experience for customers. Partnering with Focus Doors, Gum Tree Good Food transformed their supermarket refrigeration efficiency and sustainability by retrofitting Vidro Retrofit Frameless Glass Doors.

How Retrofit Glass Doors Can Cut Costs

The Vidro Retrofit Frameless Glass Door from Focus Doors boast a multitude of features designed to save you money and elevate the overall shopping experience, including.

Energy Efficiency

Our doors are engineered with advanced insulation properties and seals, ensuring optimal energy efficiency by significantly reducing electricity consumption and minimising temperature fluctuations.

Reduce Food Wastage

Retrofitting glass doors to open refrigeration units help to create a controlled environment that aids in food preservation, extending the shelf life of perishable items and minimising food wastage.

Better Visibility for Customers

With glare-free glass, high-transparency panels, and LED lighting our retrofitted glass doors enhance product visibility, showcasing items clearly without distortion, which can help boost sales and revenue.

Enhance Store Aesthetics

Focus Doors’ sleek and modern design adds to the visual appeal of retail environments, seamlessly blending with diverse architectural styles and creating an inviting atmosphere for customers.

Factory-To-Floor Installation

Our factory-to-floor process ensures a seamless experience from production to installation. Manufactured in Australia, our doors are transported by our dedicated team, eliminating the need for third-party handling or outside installation teams.

With our unique trolley system, doors are delivered efficiently, minimising handling and ensuring they arrive in pristine condition at the installation site. For the Gum Tree Good Food project, our experienced installation team worked diligently to complete all installations overnight, after store hours, to avoid customer disruption. With all four stores completed on consecutive nights, Focus Doors was able to minimise downtime, allowing stores to resume normal operations without interruption.

About Focus Doors

Crafted with precision, Focus Doors’ Vidro Retrofit Frameless Glass Doors optimise performance while prioritising environmental responsibility. By substantially decreasing energy usage, preserving perishable goods, and improving product visibility, these doors redefine the retail experience. Our dedication to tailored solutions, assured quality, and unwavering sustainability sets a new standard for businesses in search of cutting-edge refrigeration solutions.

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