Retrofitted Glass Doors at Aldi,  Glenmore Park

Enhancing Customer Experience

Focus Doors recently completed a challenging project at Aldi Glenmore Park, where they provided 60 frameless retrofit glass doors for refrigeration units in a large supermarket.

The project was delivered in a very short lead time, as an alternative supplier was unable to fulfill the original promised date, and Aldi needed to meet its deadline without any delays.

The retrofit glass doors were hinged barn-style and designed to suit the existing cabinets, ensuring a seamless integration with the store’s layout.

Quick Install

The installation of the 60 doors was carried out efficiently in just one night, after the store closed for business. Despite the tight schedule, the Focus Doors team managed to complete the installation without unpacking any shelves, minimizing disruption to the supermarket’s operations. The doors were of standard size, making them a perfect fit for the existing refrigeration units, and allowing for a hassle-free installation process.

Energy Saving

One of the key benefits of the retrofitted glass doors is the significant energy savings they provide. By acting as a barrier, the doors prevent cold air from escaping the units and warm air from entering, resulting in lower energy consumption and cost savings for Aldi.

In the first 24 hours alone, Aldi achieved a 60% reduction in energy usage. This energy-efficient solution aligns with the store’s sustainability goals and contributes to a greener operation.

A Better Customer Experience

In addition to energy savings, the retrofitted glass doors also greatly enhance the store’s aesthetics. The frameless design adds a modern and sleek look to the refrigeration units, creating a visually appealing display for customers. The transparent glass doors allow shoppers to easily view the products without having to open the units, improving convenience and promoting sales. The overall store ambiance is elevated, providing a pleasant shopping experience for Aldi Glenmore Park’s customers.

Minimise Food Wastage

The project also addresses the issue of food wastage. By maintaining a consistent temperature within the refrigeration units, the glass doors help minimise fluctuations that can lead to spoilage. This reduction in food wastage not only improves operational efficiency for the supermarket but also aligns with Aldi’s commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

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