Locali by Romeo’s Wynyard, NSW

Display produce in the best light

To optimise the presentation of their premium products, with an emphasis on prestige and quality, Focus Doors recently installed a brand new fitout in the IGA Locali by Romeo’s, Wynyard.

With anti-condensation glass and slim-line framing, Deli Walls and Vision Panels use a sleek, minimalist aesthetic to create impressive displays of valuable produce, improving the customer experience and appealing to high-end shoppers. 

Deli Walls and Vision Panels include double or triple glazed glass, air-void insulation, and precise temperature control to provide energy-efficient storage and display of products, cutting energy costs and improving sustainability

Project Specifications

Feature Products:

Deli Walls
Vision Panels


Slim-line framing for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.


Air-void insulation to cut air loss and energy costs.


Precise temperature control to create the optimal environment for valuable produce.


Anti-condensation glass so products can be seen clearly no matter the conditions.


High visibility design to ensure impressive product display.


Double or triple glazed glass regulates temperature and improves sustainability.

Appeal to upmarket clientele and give your quality products the dignified display they deserve without compromising on quality control.

The Deli Walls and View Panels from Focus Glass Doors are designed to improve the shopping experience of your customers, allowing them to view more and purchase more of your product.