Hermetic Sealed Doors at Canberra Hospital, ACT

Hermetic Sealed Doors Play Vital Role in Delivery of Canberra Hospital’s Critical Services

In the dynamic expansion of Canberra Hospital’s Critical Services Building, Focus Doors is helping to shape a new era in healthcare infrastructure.

This project, driven by the ACT Government’s significant commitment to delivering world class, modern health infrastructure, is a response to the city’s growing healthcare needs.

The innovative design and construction of the Critical Services Building, scheduled for completion in 2024, are setting the stage for an advanced patient care experience.

Optimizing Care through Modern Infrastructure

The Critical Services Building is set to consolidate acute and critical care services on the Canberra Hospital campus. This integration, encompassing emergency, intensive care, surgical and interventional radiology, fosters operational efficiency and elevates patient outcomes.

The layout ensures improved accessibility between vital areas, including the emergency department, helipad, ambulance bays, and critical care facilities, ultimately streamlining care delivery.

More than an Entry and Exit point

Within the overall vision, Focus Doors has played a pivotal role by designing, manufacturing and installing specialized hermetically sealed doors. In particular, Hermetic Sealing and Semi Hermetic Sealing Automatic Sliding Doors, have been installed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Isolation Wards.

These doors, equipped with state-of-the-art magic switch infrared hand motion activation, bring a new dimension to healthcare infrastructure and the patient experience. The addition of side-light viewing panels change the way human resources are deployed and add to the overall comfort of patients with a reduced need for staff to access the rooms to monitor the condition of patients.

Hygiene and Patient Safety as Priority

Focus Doors’ contribution resonates with the critical demand for impeccable hygiene and patient safety in the ICU Isolation Wards. The hermetically sealed doors, meticulously designed, act as a barrier against contaminants, pathogens, and airborne particles. 

In an environment where patient susceptibility to infections is paramount, the airtight seal established by these doors significantly minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. This aligns seamlessly with stringent infection control measures, underpinning the safety of patients and healthcare professionals.

Temperature Control and Energy Efficiency

Beyond hygiene, Focus Doors’ hermetically sealed doors also contribute to optimal temperature control and energy efficiency. The doors’ impeccable airtight design minimizes air leakage, thereby reducing the HVAC system’s load.

This dual impact ensures that patients experience optimal comfort while the hospital effectively manages its energy consumption, aligning with sustainable practices.

Elevating Healthcare Infrastructure

The Canberra Hospital Critical Services Building project is a testament to the ACT Government’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing healthcare delivery.

Focus Doors integration of hermetically sealed doors within the ICU Isolation Wards signifies a pivotal stride toward top-tier patient care, hygiene, safety, energy efficiency and overall operational excellence.

Become a part of healthcare’s transformational journey. 

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