Woolworths Bondi Beach, NSW

Enhancing Customer Experience

Woolworths Metro Bondi faced a challenge with their narrow aisle and sought an alternative to sliding doors for their refrigerated display cabinets.

Focus Doors provided a customised retrofit solution that not only improved customer comfort but also optimised the flow within the constrained aisle.

Understanding the Challenge: Constricted by a narrow aisle, the team at Woolworths Metro Bondi recognized the need for a change in their refrigerated display cabinet doors. They approached Focus Doors to find a suitable solution that would enhance customer experience while addressing the limited floor space.

Tailored Solution in Record Time: Focus Doors promptly assessed the situation and within 24 hours, presented a quote for a custom-sized Vidro Frameless Retrofit Swing Doors. This solution was recommended due to its ability to retain distraction-free product display space and optimize customer flow, thus proving ideal for the store’s requirements.

Efficient Retrofit Process: To ensure the smooth implementation of the retrofit, the 18 swing doors were installed after hours, prioritizing safety and minimizing disruption to both customers and team members. An added advantage of this process is that it does not require destocking or restocking of the fridges, providing convenience to the store personnel.

Delivering Positive Results: The outcome of the retrofit project at Woolworths Metro Bondi has been nothing short of delightful. Customers now enjoy an enhanced shopping experience while the Bondi Metro store benefits from energy savings and reduced food waste. The optimized flow within the aisle has contributed to a more seamless shopping journey, further boosting customer satisfaction.

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