6 Things to Consider When Choosing Doors for your Supermarket Fridges

With the cost of electricity rising rapidly, it has never been a better time to consider the cost effective nature of fitting doors to your refrigerated display cabinets.While installing doors can result in the added benefit of a more comfortable experience for customers, as temperatures do not drop around fridge/freezer products, there are six key considerations to ensure you select the right door for your refrigerated cabinets.

1. Visual Appeal

Framed vs frameless doors is a largely aesthetic decision. Some customers enjoy the sense of order framed doors add to large refrigerated displays, as they assist to break up product categories. However choosing frameless options can result in up 25% greater product display area. If product display space is an issue in your refrigerated aisle, frameless doors can be a great option. 

2. Door width compared to the aisle width

While there are Australian standards for sizing internal doors, glass refrigeration unit doors can be tailored to any size. When considering door size, it is important to think about the width of the aisle they open onto to ensure customers remain comfortable and able to move freely.   

3. Hinge handing 

Given the versatility of glass refrigeration doors, it is important to consider which way the doors are hinged. Doors work best when they are hinged to open in harmony with customer flow, and do not cause blockages or queueing.

4. Handles 

Handles can come in a variety of configurations, including full length and D-Handles. When considering which handles are right for your fridges, understanding how the handle will be positioned, and at what height (in relation to trolleys, baskets and small children) will avoid unnecessary accidents, aggravation on behalf of customers or team members, and damage to the store.

5. Lighting 

Glass doors not only provide good visibility, they offer the opportunity to add lighting, and therefore greater visual appeal, to your products. When considering lighting options, think about the products to be displayed behind each door. Lights can be coloured to enhance the customers perception of the products on display – for example we would recommend white light for milk and dairy product sections, while deli and meats display optimally in pink light. 

6. Ambient temperature 

Significant differences between the temperature in refrigerated units and the ambient store temperature will create condensate and fog obstructing customers’ view and impacting sales. However the right door can offer anti-fog measures. A combination of double glazing and a 14mm argon gas spacer provides your customers clear visibility while ensuring food safety measures are met.   

The step to install doors on supermarket fridges and freezers is a no-brainer, once you have considered how the options available will work for your retail footprint. Retailers benefit from lower energy bills, a more climate conscious image, better sales and ultimately, happier consumers. 

If you would like to know more about which doors best suit your refrigerated product display units, the friendly team at Focus Doors are ready to talk you through your options. 

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