Customer Centric Research and Development

In the dynamic world of retail, creating visually appealing, sustainable, and high-performing spaces is crucial for success. Focus Doors understands this better than anyone else. With a customer-centric approach and dedicated research and development process, we continuously refine and develop cutting-edge glass door and display systems.

In this article, we delve into Focus Doors research and development process and explore how our commitment to sustainable innovation transforms retail environments, elevating aesthetics, energy efficiency, and overall business performance.

1. Customer-Driven Approach

At Focus Doors, customer satisfaction is paramount. We actively listen to our customers and installers. We value feedback as a catalyst for improvement. By harvesting valuable insights and opinions, we identify gaps in our product offerings and initiate the research and development process. This customer-driven approach ensures that our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of businesses in the retail industry.

2. Iterative Development Process

Focus Doors follows a well-defined process for product development and improvement. We begin by tabling customer feedback at weekly review meetings, where ideas for enhancing existing products or developing new ones are discussed.

Based on the identified gaps, we conduct in-depth research and development meetings to determine the best course of action. This may involve further refinement of existing products or the creation of entirely new solutions.

The urgency and prioritisation of product enhancements and new developments are determined by the identified needs of their customers. We dedicate more than 800 hours annually to this process to ensure we live our value of continuous improvement.

3. Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

Before any product is released into the market, Focus Doors subjects it to rigorous testing. This includes evaluating weight capacity, coating finishes, and overall quality assurance checks. By adhering to strict testing protocols, we ensure that our glass door and display systems meet and exceed industry standards, providing reliable performance and longevity.

4. Sustainable Innovation

Focus Doors is deeply committed to sustainability. Our dedicated research and development efforts focus on creating products that not only enhance aesthetics and energy efficiency but also drive positive environmental impact. By continuously refining our manufacturing processes, we strive to exceed energy usage and sustainability benchmarks. This dedication allows our customers to not only improve their carbon footprint but also achieve ongoing cost savings, contributing to long-term profitability.

Partnering with Focus Doors means gaining access to a research and development-driven company that places customer needs at the forefront.

Our commitment to sustainable innovation and continuous improvement transforms retail refrigerated environments into visually appealing, energy-efficient spaces.

By investing in their glass door and display systems, retail businesses can enhance aesthetics, improve the customer experience, drive sales, and achieve long-term cost savings. With Focus Doors, your retail space can truly unlock its full potential.

The Focus Doors
Research and Development Process

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