Top 6 Reasons to Install Retrofitted Glass Doors to Supermarket Fridges

Open fridges and freezers are some of the most important equipment in any supermarket. They play a key role in ensuring stock is fresh and displayed clearly. However, these appliances also consume large amounts of energy.

With rising electricity costs and an increased focus on sustainability, it's more important than ever for retailers to innovate and find new ways to save energy and reduce the running costs of their fridges and freezers.

Open fridges are big users of supermarket energy

According to an energy study conducted by the EHI Retail Institute, a huge 48% of all supermarkets’ energy consumption is created by refrigeration equipment. Improvements to supermarket fridges that conserve energy could have a marked impact on energy consumption and energy costs.

Replacing fridges and freezers with newer models is prohibitively expensive and disruptive.

The fastest, most cost effective way to make immediate savings in energy usage is to retrofit thermally insulated, fully customisable glass doors to your supermarket fridges.

That’s where Focus Doors comes in. Our Vidro Retrofit Frameless Glass Doors are designed and manufactured in Australia and can be fully customised for your unique location.

Here are the top 6 reasons to install retrofitted glass doors to your supermarket and commercial fridges:


1. Retrofitted glass doors save money.

Replacing every fridge in your retail environment is expensive and disruptive. For a fraction of the investment, you can have customized, made-to-measure retrofitted glass doors that will deliver cost savings from the first day of installation. .

2. Retrofitted glass doors are made and installed fast.

Our Vidro Retrofit Frameless Glass Doors are designed and manufactured in Australia and can be fully customised for your unique location. Plus, our ‘factory-to-site’ delivery and install process means you can implement this change FAST!

3. Adding glass doors to your fridges means they use less energy.

Supermarket refrigerators account for 48% of total energy usage*. If you can reduce that by even 10 percent, it will save thousands of dollars in annual energy costs and make it easier for you to meet your carbon emission reduction targets and your sustainability goals.

4. Installing glass doors to existing fridges lowers your environmental impact.

We design and manufacture our glass doors locally, use minimal packaging, and our delivery trucks have an emissions rating equivalent to Euro 6. This means we use less electricity from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, so there’s less pollution from those sources into our atmosphere, which means cleaner air for everyone.

5. Retrofitted glass doors can keep food fresher for longer.

Refrigeration systems that use less energy are more efficient at keeping food fresh, which means employees can spend less time checking on products or throwing out spoiled items and more time doing other things like serving customers or stocking shelves with new products as they arrive from distributors.

6. Installing glass doors to your supermarket fridges can improve customer experience.

Glass doors allow customers to have an uninterrupted view of your product range without the uncomfortable cold chill of an open fridge door. Glass doors allow customers time to consider and choose products with less opportunity to move or damage stock.

Focus Doors are experts at retail and commercial glass doors and displays. We’ve been reducing energy consumption and keeping product cold for over 50 years, so we know our stuff!
We service a variety of industries from healthcare, retail, food service and hospitality industries. Our door and display systems will provide clear lines of sight, improve energy efficiency, and ensure food safety control. See our sustainability credentials here.

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