Anti-Reflective Glass Doors

The future of retail presentation

A groundbreaking solution designed to transform the way products are showcased and sold, Focus Doors Anti-Reflective Glass Doors are crafted with technical precision.

Ideal for spaces with strong artificial lighting or low ambient light, like supermarkets and liquor stores, Anti-reflective Glass Doors doors provide superior visual clarity and a premium shopping experience. This product can also be incorporated into viewing panels and windows.

Anti-Reflective Glass Doors for Retail Environments

Elevate your customers’ shopping experience and boost sales.

Unparalleled Clarity

Engineered with a state-of-the-art treatment, Anti-reflective Glass Doors allow customers to see products without distortion by eradicating reflective glare.


Embedded within the glass panels, the Anti-Reflective treatment ensures each door maintains impeccable visual appeal and cannot be easily scratched.

Increased Sales

With glare-free visibility, customers can explore products effortlessly, leading to increased sales.

Enhanced Lighting Efficiency

By minimising reflective glare, these doors contribute to better lighting distribution, reducing the need for excessive artificial lighting.

See our doors in action…

Got questions? Our expert consultants can assist with customising our Anti-Reflective Glass Doors to meet your specifications, so your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Quality Glass Doors for Retail Environments

Boost sales and improve the customer experience with quality Anti-Reflective Glass Doors.




Liquor Stores








Commercial Kitchens

Focus Doors stands for innovation and quality

Our Anto-Reflective Glass Doors are designed and manufactured in Australia. From initial concept to completion, the Focus Doors team delivers a world-class experience including the latest designs in food and beverage displays, as well as energy cost savings.

Every product is beautifully made and finished, ensuring your customers get the high-end experience they expect.

Sustainability Matters

With a strong focus on sustainability, our goal is to help you reduce the overall environmental impact of every project.

From products that are designed for efficient installation, through to reduced transport emissions via our ‘factory-to- site’ delivery model, Focus Doors takes a holistic approach to sustainable business practices.