Commercial Air Curtains

Barrier & Door Systems for Energy & Hygiene Control

Experience the Focus Doors Air Curtain difference.

Open entryways allow temperature loss and access for insects, dust and odours. Focus Doors Air Curtains provide a powerful and economical solution.

Focus Doors Air Curtains create an invisible curtain of high velocity air over your doorways and production areas, forming an effective barrier without inhibiting access for your staff or customers.

With 3 speed fans, airflow can be selected to provide maximum reduction of insects, dust and odours from entering your clean zone whilst maintaining air temperature.

Our range of Air Curtains provide an afforable, effective and hassle free solution to controlling your environment.

Air Velocity (High Speed Setting)

How Air Curtains Work

Air Curtain Features

  • Powder coated aluminium alloy casing for easy cleaning and corrosion resistant.
  • Full size mounting plate provides easy, secure installation onto any surface.
  • Industrial duty centrifugal fans provide high air flows with low noise levels.
  • Remote door switching, so fans only start when the door is opened.
  • 3-speed fans.
  • Adjustable air deflector.
  • Remote control and soft touch buttons.

Sustainability Matters

With a strong focus on sustainability, our goal is to help you reduce the overall environmental impact of every project.

From products that are designed for efficient installation, through to reduced transport emissions via our ‘factory-to- site’ delivery model, Focus Doors takes a holistic approach to sustainable business practices.