Glass Wine Rooms

Showcase your wine collection

Fully custom designed to suit your space and your wine collection, our Wine Rooms are without comparison. 

With a sleek, minimalist aesthetic our designs ensure your collection gets the attention it deserves. 

Minimise heat transfer and control the wine storage environment to ensure your collection is stable for years to come.  

Custom-made Wine Rooms

Enhance the aesthetic of your home, winery or retail outlet while protecting your investment, with a quality, custom designed glass wine room. 

Space Saving

Custom designed to fit large and small spaces. Wine Rooms can be tailored to the size of your wine collection.

Rigorously Tested

Every glass panel is tested in our factory before it’s shipped out. All Glass Wine Rooms are backed by our warranty and service guarantee.

Protect Your Investment

Ensure your wine is protected from the damaging effects of heat and light by using the highest quality toughened glass.

Focus Doors stands for innovation and quality

Our Glass Wine Rooms are designed and manufactured in Australia. From initial concept to completion, the Focus Doors team delivers a world-class experience including the latest designs in food and beverage displays, as well as energy cost savings.

Every product is beautifully made and finished, ensuring your customers get the high-end experience they expect.

Sustainability Matters

With a strong focus on sustainability, our goal is to help you reduce the overall environmental impact of every project.

From products that are designed for efficient installation, through to reduced transport emissions via our ‘factory-to- site’ delivery model, Focus Doors takes a holistic approach to sustainable business practices.