Stalwart Gravity Feed Mat


Display your stock front and center with the help of gravity. 

Focus Doors Stalwart Gravity Feed Mats ensure your stock is easy to see, looks its best and is in easy reach for customers at all times.

Made in Australia, from sustainably sourced plastic, the mats create a smooth, gravity fed automation to ensure all stock flows to the front of the shelf.

A perfect fit for the Focus Doors signature Stalwart Shelving range, Stalwart Gravity Feed Mats help to reduce restocking time, whilst being a safe and environmentally-friendly stock replenishment solution.

Quality, Durable Gravity Feed Mats
for Retail Environments.

Safeguard your stock and improve the customer experience with Gravity Feed Mats.

Automatic restocking

Reduce disruption for customers and restocking time for your team. Gravity feed mats move stock automatically forward, making stock rotation a thing of the past.

Stable and Secure

Adjustable dividers means stock of all shapes & sizes can be accommodated easily. Keeping your stock in position on the shelf to create a more professional image, and reduces the risk of spoilage.

Easy, low maintenance

Quick and easy to install, Stalwart Gravity Feed Mats are low maintenance resulting in reduced labour costs. Stalwart Gravity Feed Mats improve product presentation and ensure products are always front facing.


Stalwart Gravity Feed Mats improve stock rotation, perfect for back fed refrigerated merchandising. By offering a consistent display of stock, Stalwart Gravity Feed Mats boost category sales.

Focus Doors stands for innovation and quality

Our Stalwart Gravity Feed Mats are designed and manufactured in Australia to work effortlessly with our Stalwart Display Shelving range..

From initial concept to completion, the Focus Doors team delivers a world-class experience including the latest technical innovation in food and beverage displays.

Every product is beautifully made and finished, ensuring your customers get the high-end experience they expect.

Quality Restock Solutions for Retail Environments

Keep your stock safe, looking good and improve the customer experience with quality, gravity feed mats .




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