Vidro Chest Freezer Retro Fit Doors


Curved retrofitted glass lids for refrigerated islands. 

With patented push-pull functionality, Vidro Chest Freezer Retro Fit Doors can be retrofitted into any stand-alone island refrigerator.

The contemporary design is discreet and minimalist.


  • Lightly curved cover 625 mm or 1250 mm
  • 4 low-friction sliding pads on all glass
  • Contemporary design
  • Structure in composite PVC
  • 4 mm tempered single glass with hard low emissivity coating
  • Available colors RAL 7046, RAL 7015 or RAL 9005

Curved Glass for Island Refrigerators

Lightly Curved

Contemporary curved glass improves product viewing depths and presentation, increasing the chance of a quick purchase decision.

Sleek Design

Low friction sliding pads topped with ultra thin 4mm glass means doors are light and open with ease for all customers

Four Colours

Available in highly serviceable, modern colours including telegrey 2, slate grey, pure black and white to suit your retail aesthetic.

Easy to Install

Low emissivity coated glass means improved thermal properties and reduced energy usage.

Sustainability Matters

With a strong focus on sustainability, our goal is to help you reduce the overall environmental impact of every project.

From products that are designed for efficient installation, through to reduced transport emissions via our ‘factory-to- site’ delivery model, Focus Doors takes a holistic approach to sustainable business practices.