New Fitout for Ampol Pheasants Nest, NSW

The Challenge

As the food retail environment grows increasingly competitive, showcasing fresh refrigerated foods and deli items effectively and efficiently becomes paramount. Ampol sought an effective solution for its Pheasant’s Nest north and south-bound service stations to enhance customer experience while maintaining energy efficiency.

The Solution

Partnering with Focus Doors, Ampol chose Alpha Insert Doors with black with full length handles for their modern aesthetic and high functionality, and Stalwart Shelving for durability and ease of restocking. 

Product Spotlight

Alpha Glass Insert Doors

Purpose Built: Specifically designed for ambient, coolroom, and freezer environments, ensuring optimal product visibility and temperature control.

Enhanced Display: Anti-fog heating, quality lighting, and anti-condensation systems ensure that products are always in the best light, literally and figuratively.

Efficiency & Convenience: Staff can load stock from the back, reducing double-handling and preventing stock from being left in the aisle. These doors are easy to install and fit seamlessly with every refrigeration system.

Stalwart Shelving

Durable Design: Crafted to hold stock securely, the Stalwart shelves are both functional and visually appealing.

Versatility: Available in four post, cantilever, and cask racking options to cater to various storage needs.

Easy Assembly: The clip-together assembly allows for quick installations and adjustments, streamlining the setup process.

The Results

The new fit-outs in both the north and south-bound service stations have received positive feedback from both staff and customers. The clear display of the Alpha Insert Doors enhances the shopping experience, and the Stalwart Shelving ensures stock is displayed in an organised and appealing manner.

The use of these products not only improved the customer experience but also brought operational efficiency and energy savings, aligning with Ampol’s commitment to sustainability.

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